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As a part of my personal photography goals in 2014
I’ve decided to take on a 10 on 10 project.

How it works is:
I am a part of a circle of photographers, who, on the 10th of every month
at 10:00 a.m. (EST) post a blog post of 10 photos.
After you are finished reading my post, I encourage you to click the link
for the next photographer in the circle at the bottom of the post and
make your way around the circle until you come back to me!

This month I am going to share 10 photos of one of my
newest favorite people on the planet.


This little big man is the newest son of one of
the most amazing women ever,
my dear friend Ashli.
If you are a mom/parent and enjoy laughing,
I HIGHLY suggest you visit her blog:
You can also learn more about Harrison,
his birth story, and his stay in the NICU there as well.

So, enough gabbing, lets meet Harr bear.


jamesAnnPhotographyHarrison01 jamesAnnPhotographyHarrison03 jamesAnnPhotographyHarrison04 jamesAnnPhotographyHarrison06

jamesAnnPhotographyHarrison05 jamesAnnPhotographyHarrison07 jamesAnnPhotographyHarrison08 jamesAnnPhotographyHarrison09 jamesAnnPhotographyHarrison10

Please feel free to comment below before you move on to visit, Love, Bee Photography!