Birth Day

Let jamesAnn Photography capture the day (or night) your precious baby is born.
People always say that the day turns into a blur when your baby finally arrives, and it’s so true.
With the Birth Day Photography Package,
jamesAnn Photography will help you document and remember all the special details
of what will become the most important day of your life.

Professional Photographer Jamie Steckleberg Scott
will be there to photograph the key moments of your important day,
from your pre-delivery excitement and the nervous anticipation elsewhere in the waiting room,
to your very first meeting with your precious new baby, and all the details in between.
Jamie will capture beautiful images of grandparents meeting their grandchild,
siblings snuggling for the first time, and you falling in love with your sweet newborn.

Please contact jamesAnn Photography anytime during your pregnancy
to discuss details and to book Jamie to photograph your amazing day.

Meet baby Oliver! Oliver was born vaginally, at approximate 12:30 a.m.
after several hours of labor, and several hours of pushing!

Meet baby Wyatt! Wyatt was born via C-Section,
and was surrounded by loving siblings, family members, and church family!

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